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#NetNarr Course Calendar

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#NetNarr Final Group Project Assignment

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OpenAI (ChatGPT & DALL-E 2)

OpenAI Detection

Sudowrite: AI for creative writers – read and understand scientific literature

For Teachers:

#101 creative ideas to use AI in education (eds. Chrissi Nerantzi, Antonio M. Arboleda,  Marianna Karatsiori and Sandra Abegglen)

Statement on Artificial Intelligence Writing Tools in Writing Across the Curriculum Settings

AI, Chatbots & ChatGPT for Teachers

How Should Writing Pedagogy Evolve as AI Text Generators Improve?: (by Anna Mills, 2/24/23, CCCC Licensed CC BY NC 4.0)

AI Text Generators: Sources to Stimulate Discussion Among Teachers (compiled by Anna Mills)

AI powered search engines: (the AI search engine “you control”) (the AI search engine for developers) or (“evidence-based answers, faster”)

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