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Molly had always been an excellent college student. She always took pride in her schoolwork and did everything possible to make sure it was as perfect as possible. Each semester she got good grades, always prepared for her tests and was always praised for her hard work and dedication. This semester something was off. Molly was having trouble completing her assignments on time. She would put in long hours at night to try to finish her work, but it still wasn’t enough. One day during class Molly’s professor, Professor Johnson offered the class to use AI-assisted tools for their assignments (SudoWrite). Molly jumped at the opportunity. She used an AI-based writing assistant on her computer to help her with her essays. It would suggest different words and phrases used, help her with grammar and punctuation, and even suggest ways to improve the structure of her papers. At first, Molly was hesitant and wasn’t sure about using this technology but she soon realized it was a huge help to her and it made her life much easier. She was able to complete her assignments faster, and her grades began to reflect her hard work. Professor Johnson was impressed. She had heard about these AI-assisted tools, but she never expected to see them being used in her classroom. Professor Johnson had only heard the bad stories about AI-assisted tools. She only wanted her students to use it as a way to help enhance their work not do it for them. She was intrigued by the technology and decided to use it herself (SudoWrite).  She began to use AI-based tools to help her with her lesson plans. She found that the AI was able to provide her with more ideas than she had previously thought of. It also made it easier for her to keep up with the latest educational trends and best practices. Professor Johnson noticed that her students were finishing their assignments faster, and their grades were starting to climb. She began to use the AI-assisted tools more and more, and soon her students began to excel. She was now able to stay ahead of the curve and provide her students with the best education possible. The AI-assisted tools proved to be invaluable for both Professor Johnson and her students. They were able to stay ahead of the competition, and they had more time to focus on understanding the material rather than worrying about how to construct an essay or answer a question. And best of all, they were able to do it all with the help of AI. Molly was happy that she had taken the risk of using AI. She was now able to complete her assignments faster and more efficiently, and she was also able to stay ahead of the competition. But more importantly, she opened the door for her teacher and her classmates to use technology to improve their work  (SudoWrite). 

When I first started thinking about the final project I was really unsure what to write about. I didn’t know what my 500 word short story should be about or anything. I kept thinking to myself “how in the world will I produce a good story with only 500 words?” But of course after the workshop I was able to come up with something pretty good.

I decided to use SudoWrite, not too sure why but I like it much better than ChatGPT. It was just easier to navigate I guess. I asked SudoWrite so many questions to try and come up with an idea and after asking question #50 I was able to start my story. I have such a bad view of AI that I wanted to write a story of how good AI can be without taking over like it is doing now. Like I’ve said since day one, I like AI as a tool to help or enhance, not something that is completely taking over what humans can do independently and authentically.

Even though my story is pretty simple I really enjoyed this project. I liked using SudoWrite, it really helped me come up with a great idea and even helped with smaller ideas. This was a great project.


I have been using Sudowrite and it has been amazing. I gave it a few prompts and it helped me one up with some great ideas for my final project. I had a few thoughts over the past couple of weeks but I think I narrowed it down to one idea. Im thinking to write a story about a student being introduced to AI tools by her teacher. The teacher informs the student that it’s a tool only to help make things a little easier, not to complete the work for her. These AI tools will only give suggestions and help edit your work, not do the work for them.

As for this weeks readings, I have always been on the fence about the whole AI thing, but it really made me believe that AI is really destroying more than just writing in academics. I have always just thought about AI not being the best for students but there is definitely a huge possibility of AI taking over EVERYTHING!!! To be perfectly honest it’s really scary.

Where does that leave us humans to use out creativity? At some point there will be limited creativity, if any at all due to AI. I’ve always said, let’s use AI as a helping tool not something to completely take over everything.


First I want to say Brandon did great taking over for Dr. Zamora not matter what he says or thinks lol. And thank you Dr. Zamora for creating this very insightful workshop.

The workshop was extremely helpful for me. Honestly I was a bit confused about the final project, what exactly to do and how to go about starting it but the workshop made things so much better. Everything now makes more sense to me. The examples that were given was very helpful and help me develop some ideas for my own story.

Working with ChatGPT and Sudowrite was very helpful as well. My first thought was to just use ChatGPT because that’s what I’m most familiar with. But playing around with Sudowrite, I’m definitely leaning towards using it for my final project. It seems to be easier to use, not that ChatGPT is beyond difficult to use but I’m more comfortable with Sudowrite. Here are a few ideas I have for the final project:

A student uses ChatGPT to cheat for an assignment (which they have been using for sometime). When the teacher realizes how great the assignment is, the teacher somehow figures out the student used AI/ ChatGPT and decides to use to for teaching.

Im still thinking as to how this short story could develop. Im always open to ideas.


These articles assigned this week were very interesting to me. These articles show that AI is something that will become the norm and that AI will be the future. For me AI was only the worry in education but its also the worry everywhere else. Some people are excited about how AI is taking over and explaining the benefits but I have to say I’m still a little unsure about it.

AI is something that we can’t stop from coming in and making changes in the way we do things but the idea of it taking over everything is a bit scary and concerning. In the article Amazon opens its first cashier-less Go store outside of Seattle it talks about Amazon being a cashier-less store everything is done by your smart phone or machines that can check you out. Although that is pretty amazing to see where does that leave us humans that need work. Im pretty confidant that things like this will be expanded many other places. Then that leaves us only depending on AI.

Whether we are ready or not AI is taking over faster than we can process the thought of it.


This weeks readings were interesting. The topic of poetry/art and AI is something I really didn’t consider or even think about. I always turn my thinking to education when I think of AI (not sure why but I do). To think that AI could possibly try and take over poetry and art is a bit crazy. Poetry/art is very authentic and hard for a computer emulate and try to take over.

Now AI is taking over in so many areas of our lives right now. Some people believe it’s good and others believe it’s wrong and a waste. When I looked up what AI really is this is the definition I received: Artificial intelligence is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Now although this definition says that it is capable of performing task that are usually performed by humans, it doesn’t mention anything about AI having human emotions. Having emotions/ feelings plays a major part as an artist. If every poem or painting was made without any emotion behind is…is it really art? When you read a poem you want to be able to feel the emotions behind it. You want to be able to have a sense of what the artist was going through at the moment of writing that poem. AI isn’t able to provide that.

When it comes to poetry and art, it usually stems from ones feelings and emotions. Their poems usually comes from how they are feeling about something at a certain moment. Even a piece of art work comes from ones emotions, their piece of art can explain so much of someones life and AI is incapable of doing that no matter how good it is. AI has no way of showing emotion and bringing it out through poetry. No matter how good AI portrays to be, it can never take over the work of an artist. Is can never replace an artist and what they do authentically.

If AI tries to replace artist…then what are us humans left with?


For as long as I could remember there has always been talk about technology taking over. There has been conversations about humans being out of jobs due to technology taking over in some way shape or form. I even think about something as simple as McDonalds, I have noticed certain locations in certain states have machines that will take your order. You simply tap what you want, tap to pay and your order will be ready. Where does that leave cashiers? Yes there are people needed to make the food but eventually there will be machines to do that as well…in my opinion.

AI is something that coming in our everyday lives and taking over. And it’s happening FAST! I’m all for AI being a source to help and maybe enhance a bit like a business or being a help when it comes to education, getting started on a paper or something. But I’m not for AI completely taking over and leaving humans with nothing to do. Whether it is leaving humans without work or doing so much for humans that they are not learning anything at all. AI should only be a source of help not a source to completely take over for humans.

Is AI really a good thing?

Is it providing good change or bad change?


When I first heard about chatGPT, well seen the TikTok, I knew this would have a negative impact on students in school. Well actually my first thought was “why didn’t I see this before I finished all of my final assignments” but you get the point. I knew that teachers and administrators would be in the position of trying to catch students using this tool for their writing assignments. it gives students the “easy way out” when doing writing assignments. It also poses the question “what are our students really learning”. In the article it said that chatGPT could mess with the teachers lesson plans, which is very true. Before things like chatGPT teachers would be able to distinguish each students writing styles. They would be able to know if that student produced the writing or not. With having chatGPT teachers are blindsided from the start, how would they know their writing style if chatGPT is being used from the start.

like I’ve stated before I like this as a tool to help those that may need a jump start to their writing but not as something that is being used to produced every single part of writing. I don’t like the idea of AI being used in school or for any school assignments whatsoever because it will become a disservice to our students. School isn’t about just getting assignments done but about learning through assignments.

In the TedTalk when Joy Buolamwini mentions about AI face recognition and how it recognizes other faces and not hers, I liked that she mentioned that it was a flaw our creation. Even when she mentions about the police department, it is kind of scary in my opinion. If AI can only recognize certain people and not all how is the police Department using this software a great idea? How could this really be trusted? Should it be trusted? AI is something that is very intriguing but also terrifying at the same time. I can see it being something that will eventually take over in so many areas. Is that something we really want??


“Whether it is through a news article, company blog post or creative storytelling, writing expresses a voice.”

When writing anything of any sort, it is important to write with a voice. Many times the voice isn’t found until all the writing is complete. As stated in the article a voice is set by the choice of words and the writing structure. Having a voice in your writing sets you apart from other writers. Every writer has a different style which creates the voice for the reader.

Even as the reader, it is nice while reading to be able to establish the voice of the writer. Over the last few months I read about four different books and in each book the writer had their own voice. I was able to distinguish between the different writers because their choice of words were different and how it was written was different as well.

When ChatGPT comes into play, I feel that will cause a writer not to have their own voice. Of course you are able to go back and make changes as much as possible, but for those who will rely on ChatGPT to be their writer will not have their own voice in their writing. I feel that kind of sucks because having a voice with your writing in my opinion makes the writing more interesting and in most cases leave the reader wanting more. It take away the authenticity of the writing. Like I state during my presentation, I like ChatGPT as a tool to help writers get started if that’s a struggle for them but not as a source to use to completely write for them. AI doesn’t have the human voice, so if writers choose to use it as a tool to help them then writers should edit to display their own voice.


I first learned about chatGPT sometime in December while scrolling through TikTok. I thought it was interesting but I was kind of upset I didn’t find this earlier when I needed to finish my final papers lol. After seeing that video I didn’t think much of it because I felt I didn’t need any use of it. But after hearing about it again a few weeks later, then having this class centered around it, I thought I should think more of it than just being a source for homework. I didn’t think about it being something that could possibly replace human writers and completely change writing as a whole.

I feel like there’s so much technology already that’s taking over or replacing humans. But to think that something like ChatGPT taking over human writers is a lot to think about. I do believe that it can be useful source to help writers when they are having writers block or something of that nature. I feel like writers producing their own writing is something that’s special and unique. Using ChatGPT takes away the uniqueness of the writing, it will no longer be authentic.

Although I do believe that ChatGPT is very interesting or I should say very cool, I don’t like the idea of it replacing human writers. Where does that leave those who are writers full time? Do they now depend on something like ChatGPT to produce writing?

It is a great tool to use only when needed but shouldn’t be the only thing to use to produce writing.


Trauma is a distressing and disturbing experience. Trauma can come from so many different things that transpire in our lives. Whether its during our childhood, adulthood, work environment or school environment. Trauma doesn’t have an age limit or time stamp.

I recently engaged in a conversation with my sister (who is about 4 years older than me) about how we are just now noticing as adults that we’ve had some childhood trauma. As we continue to grow as adults we noticed that how we react to certain things or how we handle certain situations comes from the trauma we experienced as children. We also have a younger sister and we are trying to prevent her from enduring or experiencing the trauma we did as children. We try to protect her as much as possible because we know that whatever trauma you experience as a child, it will affect you as an adult.

Now as for children experiencing trauma in the classroom is something I’ve hoped that the classroom would be a place where children wouldn’t experience trauma. In the article How to Help a Traumatized Child in the Classroom mentions that children can experience trauma in the classroom just by a teacher raising their voice to get the class’ attention. As the educators or adults, we may not understand why a child may be triggered by someone raising their voice or as it says in the article, we may not be able to make sense of why it is triggering. I like how this articles gives tips for teachers to not only help themselves but to help those students that may be traumatized or triggered.

Working in the classroom for a short amount of time, I’ve noticed that a few students experienced the trauma of a teacher raising their voice to get the students attention. When it was noticed, the teacher realized that was something they couldn’t do because it triggered a few students. They found different ways to get their attention, such as playing a certain song. When that song was played students knew that it was time to quiet down. This was something that helped children that could not endure the raising of the voice.