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Importance of voice

i spent a lot of the time in my head. my inner monologue could rival prince hamlet. so when i write my thoughts, and emotions pour out so much it hard NOT to see my voice. In my writing it is quintessential that every word flows into the next, like a paper airplane through the the air, straight & to the point yet impactful, or calmingly guiding you to the end goal like floating on a river feeling every molecule of water connect with your being.

High school vs College

I wrote that high school was a prison with walls made of rules and guidelines that must be followed obediently, while everyone is looking at you; its a factory line implanting information hour after hour to spit out obedient robots into the world.

College, on the other hand, feels like freedom regained (thanks Milton for the inspiration). Yes there are still deadline and guidelines that we are taught, but we’re told to go and find the answer. Find the answers other have found and compare them to yours.

“you’re given the reins to your own education/knowledge”


I don’t recall what ChatGPT said but I’m sure I can recreate it instantly. The answer it gave last Thursday is the same as today, and it will be the same until education changes fundamentally.
That’s the one major importance…the fact that if you ask me this question next month the same meaning will be there but it wont be express exactly the same. my voice, like the wind, ever dependent on varying areas of pressure, changes and moves in different directions. Some thing this AI could never hope (if it could ever be programed to hope, hope is the epitome of human emotions) to mimic me.

Mr. McBride I used to sell your books.

That may sound like I was walking the streets, selling books to anyone interested in a lil knowledge trip… but I used to work at a bookstore [it’s commonly known, its name a homage to farm life and nobility]. One of my daily tasks was to access the company’s HUB of upcoming books and bestsellers. When Deacon King Kong was released i read its synopses and did my duty, selling copies with vague understandings of what was actually written. Call me cynical, but not much is needed for a 10 min max interaction with a customer who needs to be persuaded one way or another.

Mr.Mcbride you said that being cynical creates negative work and one who is cynical cannot be a creative writer. Does this you mean you see less value in cynical works regardless of their outcomes?

I personally find cynicism to be a great way to prompt the philosophical question… why?