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Dominican Flavors

View of a balcony with a Dominican flag hanging from the balcony.

In the heart of the Caribbean where the sun meets the sea, 

Dominican kitchens hum with culinary glee. 

A symphony of flavors, a dance of delight, 

In every dish, stories of tradition take flight.

Plantains, the golden muse, ripe and sweet, 

Transform in the kitchen, a delightful feat. 

Mangu’s warm embrace, a morning’s delight, 

Plantains milk and butter, in a mash so right.

Sofrito sizzles, a fragrant overture, 

Abuelita’s culinary signature. 

Aromas intertwine in the air, 

A dance of spices, a legacy to declare.

Moro de guandules, brown rice and peas unite, 

A savory dance, a family’s delight. 

Meats join the chorus, a symphony so grand, 

On the plate, a taste of the island’s land.

In the heart of each dish, a surprise awaits, 

A hint of adventure, beyond the culinary gates. 

For in Dominican kitchens, where tradition thrives, 

Innovations spark, like stars in the night skies.

Sancocho simmers, a stew mixed of vegetable, roots and love, 

Yucca, plantains, and meats from above. 

A fusion of flavors, in a communal pot, 

Sancocho warms, memories never to be forgot.

And as the pots bubble and the pans clatter, 

Laughter echoes, like music in the chatter. 

For in the rhythm of cooking, joy is heard,

A symphony of sound, in every spoken word.

From the gentle sizzle of sofrito in the pan, 

To the rhythmic chop of vegetables by hand. 

Each sound tells a tale, a story to tell, 

Of love, family, and the meals we dwell.