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my name is Erik not eric, I am an aspiring poet , writer and (potentially, possibly maybe, perhaps) an educator for higher Education. I love to read and write poetry and create fantasy worlds. [world building is fun and not stressful at all]. a few of my favorite things to do are Bouts-rimés, watch criterion movies, collect rare books, and hand write letters to my friends which I send through the USPS (basically archaic i know but who doesn’t like receiving physical mail)

I’m present myself as a very calm and collected person, but in my mind I am freaking out 66% of the time, 23% of the time I’m cracking jokes that only I would think are funny, and the rest of the stressing about deadlines. It’s a mess but its functional, i like to think of it as controlled chaos like this .

I’m extremely excited & terrified to be in Grad school after being out of school for 5 years. I got my undergrad from… Kean in English Literature. So I’m Doubling down on the Kean Degrees.

put on your tinfoil hats everyone

I am [internally] terrified of AI, and rightfully so. AI that’s programed to learn and grow seems so far off, but human innovation doesn’t rest, it keeps progressing whether you want it or not. Eventually, we’ll reach this, or this. I’m over exaggerating for dramatic effect, but we are in the early stages of AI and creatives Educators and academics have yet to figure out if it will hinder or help.