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Unpacking the Debate: Can AI Writing Tools Capture Voice in Writing?

Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash

For our pathfinding session this week, Maya and I have created a lesson focused on student discussions. Our presentation will touch closely on the ability of AI writing tools and the capabilities of producing meaningful writing in the aspect of voice.

The creation and use of AI writing tools have increased significantly in the current era of artificial intelligence. Although these tools are made to help writers create excellent content faster, there is some controversy over whether AI writing tools can produce work that is significant in terms of voice.

The concept of voice in writing relates to the individuality of the writer’s style, tone, and personality. It is what sets one author’s work apart from another. Some contend that the output of AI writing tools can seem unnatural or generic since they are unable to capture the subtleties of speech.

The purpose of language is to convey reality and establish a relational connection with other people. AI may be able to generate text, but it cannot engage in real communication because it is not interested in reality and lacks a mutual commitment to truth. AI-generated writing cannot replace human writing, because it does not have the interpersonal and personal element that makes it uniquely human.

Maya and I will thoroughly examine this problem and lead student debates on it during our pathfinding session. We want to help our peers build a greater grasp of the role of AI in the writing profession by fostering critical thinking and reflection in them. We think that this lesson will give our peers an excellent chance to participate in worthwhile debates and deepen their understanding of this crucial subject.