Summation, for these last two weeks left…

Thanks to Jasmine for her pathfinding as a summative look at artificial intelligence in the present day. Her presentation helped us put our earlier discussions into broader context. In former classes together we have spent some time speaking about writing, intention, creativity, etc. In those conversations we have leaned heavily on a humanist consideration. But it is important to link the ubiquity of AI technology today with the momentum for daily application. Something that we cannot deny. The use of artificial intelligence is all around us already, and it is shaping the logic of the world we share. We must be vigilant in considering our choices, our agency, and our ability to discern the-way-things-work, in such a world. That would mean embracing and further developing a need for critical AI literacies.

Our class agenda slides:

Your invitation to our MA Spring Symposium:

Research Days:

Remember the invitation to join in on the Kean Research Days. This is a campus-wide celebration of faculty-student research and creative activity. The annual event sponsored by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and provide students the opportunity to present their preliminary or completed research and creative activities to the campus community. I encourage everyone to consider participating at some point in their Kean academic career! Remember, our own Maya & Jenny will be presenting on the impact of AI (on writing) on Tuesday:

Your to-do list:

Brandon will be our final pathfinder.

Please read these 3 texts:

Blog 12 due: A reflection on the above readings from Brandon, and your progress report on your microfiction for the Speculative Futures final group project.

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