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“AI Reveals the Most Human Parts of Writing” By Katy Ilonka Gero

In the article “AI Reveals the Most Human Parts of Writing,” Katy Ilonka Gero discusses the use of Artificial Intelligence during the writing process while reverting to the example given of the woman writing her young adult fantasy novel. It highlights the potential of AI to automate the writing process and generate new forms of creative expression. However, it also acknowledges the limitations of AI in terms of understanding context, emotion, and meaning, which are the fundamental elements of human writing. The article concludes that while AI can assist with the writing process, it is unlikely to replace human authors.

I certainly agree with Gero’s statement when she states, “My hope is that computer-generated text gives more people the chance to say what they want to say, to enact their own vision, whether that be through a system helping them with planning, drafting, revising, or something else entirely. I don’t think we’ll be seeing fully computer-generated books out-competing human authors any time soon—not because computers won’t be capable, but because I think we will, for a long time, be far more interested in what a person has to say.”

I believe the usage of AI tools should be, for example, when writers experience writer’s block and are looking for that bridge to help connect and identify what ideas they want to come next. It should be used as a tool to help guide writers in the direction they are going. However, with pros always come cons. It is crucial that we not allow AI systems to gear us away from the direction we want to go, meaning if these systems are not used effectively as a tool to help during the writing process, this is where it begins to get tricky because we risk the AI tool changing what the writer sets out to achieve and as Gero mentions, “Writers may start to wonder whether their vision is getting muddied by an entity that lacks any experience with the real world.”

From undergrad to graduate: My Journey to Mastering the Written Word

Hello! My name is Jenise, but I usually go by my nickname, Jenny. I am in my first semester of graduate school at Kean University, pursuing a Masters’s degree in English Writing Studies. As a recent graduate from Kean University, I have developed a passion for the written word, its process, and the power to convey meaning and emotion.

Throughout my undergraduate studies, I enjoyed taking various English courses such as Composition, Creative Writing, Children’s Literature, Intro to Journalism, Business & Professional Writing, Technical Writing, Feature Writing, and Writing Creative Podcasts. These courses allowed me to broaden my knowledge and learn different forms and styles of writing. I have always been fascinated by how language is used to convey complex ideas and tell compelling stories. As I progressed through my coursework, I discovered that I had a particular talent for crafting clear, engaging writing, and I found great fulfillment in honing my skills as a writer. 

I was also able to apply my writing skills in a practical setting through an internship with the School of English Studies at Kean University. I designed flyers for events, meetings, and new course offerings. I kept followers engaged by posting daily on Instagram and Twitter, and copy-edited weekly blog posts to prepare for publishing. I also apply my writing skills in my part-time job as an assistant in a personal injury Law Firm. I oversee the Workers’ Compensation Department along with a paralegal and the handling attorney. I assist in supporting case preparations for court by preparing claim petitions, case summaries, materials for mediation conferences, and proof/edit (e.g., pronunciation, grammar, spelling) routine law office correspondence and legal case matters.

I am excited about the opportunity to continue my studies at Kean. The program’s focus on writing and critical thinking align perfectly with my academic and personal goals. I am confident that the rigorous coursework and dedicated faculty at Kean will provide me with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in my future endeavors as a professional writer. After I earn my Masters in English Writing Studies, I intend to work in the field of higher education and copywriting. By utilizing the skills I learned during my undergraduate coursework and creating/promoting content for the School of English Studies’ social media, I am confident that pursuing graduate education at Kean University is the best path toward achieving my professional aspirations.

I am eager to be a part of this vibrant community of writers at Kean and contribute to the intellectual life of the University.