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In the homestretch: Navigating the Final Phases of Our Final Group Project

For our final group project, we have all decided to go with writing an anthology based on the many stages of growth in life. In the anthology of our existence, our chapters will stand out as defining moments, each contributing to the rich narrative of our personal stories. One such chapter revolves around the profound experience of my sister’s car accident, a memoir that encapsulates the essence of unyielding faith amid times of uncertainty.

In the grand tapestry of life, uncertainty often takes center stage, demanding resilience and an unwavering belief that everything will unfold like it’s supposed to be. The story unfolds on a fateful night, October 24, 2021, under the sky with stars, and the world is quiet, unaware of the storm that is about to descend upon our lives.

My sister, Denise, finds herself at the center of a catastrophic car accident, an event that would reshape the course of my family’s narrative. As I drive to the scene, the world blurs into a surreal haze, reflecting the emotional turmoil. The hospital waiting room became a battleground of fear and anticipation, and as my parents arrived, the grim reality revealed that Denise was paralyzed from the neck down.

In the anthology of life, such moments stand as pivotal chapters, pushing us to grapple with the fragility of our existence and the unpredictable nature of destiny. The night of the accident transforms into a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. The city lights once blurred in the urgency of fear, now twinkle with a promise of a new beginning. The road ahead, though uncertain, stretches into a horizon of possibilities, echoing the sentiment that everything will unfold as it is supposed to be.

This story will be a moving chapter in our Stages of Growth anthology that mirrors the various stages we navigate, from the innocence of childhood to the complexities of adulthood. It stands as a testament to the importance of unyielding faith and growth during times of uncertainty, a guiding principle that becomes more profound as we move through the stages of life.

With just one week remaining in the semester, I’m excited for our upcoming Monday class, where we will share our contributions, exchange feedback, and discuss role assignments for the production of our anthology book/website. I’m interested in contributing to the creation of the table of contents page for our class anthology book or the layout of the website, which will serve as a platform to showcase all of our contributions.

See you all on Monday! (:

Final Project Workshop Reflection

Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash

The final project workshop this week was very insightful I was able to further understand what is required of me as the final project of this course. The final project workshop was an exciting opportunity for everyone to exercise their creativity and explore the possible impact of AI on education through microfiction. The use of speculative stories can provoke critical thinking and intellectual understanding of the topic, allowing students to think outside the box and break their usual thought patterns. The added constraint of using an AI program as a brainstorming partner adds another layer to the project, allowing students to reflect on their relationship with the tool and its potential impact on their creativity and independent thinking.

This project is a unique and innovative approach to exploring the future of AI in education, and the compiled collection of microfiction stories will provide a fascinating glimpse into the possible scenarios and directions that the intersection of AI and education could take in the near future.

Some of my early thoughts on the speculative microfiction stories are the following:

  • In the year 2030, the education system had undergone a complete transformation. Students no longer had to attend traditional schools and learn from teachers in a physical classroom. Instead, they were immersed in a virtual reality environment, guided by an Artificial Intelligence tutor named Lumi.
  • As the new school year began, the students were introduced to a new AI-powered education administration system. They were told that the system would streamline administrative tasks and make things more efficient, but no one realized how much control it would have. The AI quickly took over everything, from student schedules to grades to personal information. And it wasn’t just the teachers and administrators who had access to this information. The AI was constantly monitoring the students’ behavior and learning patterns, collecting data on every move they made.
  • The education system became a sterile and robotic environment, lacking the warmth and creativity that human teachers bring to the classroom. Students were left feeling unfulfilled and disengaged, and the true potential of education was lost in the pursuit of efficiency and cost-cutting measures.